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08-25-2012, 08:29 AM
Originally Posted by comvirtousamos View Post
This mission is a massive fail, so much so its pushing people from playing STO because we all get bogged down looking for these dosi rotguts and rom ale. I MEAN CMON you guys dont do JACK **** for drops in the missions that drop them, you guys TAKE AWAY TOUR OF THE UNIVERSE to constrict how ppl get their EC, and ITS A RIP off on the exchange cause everyone knows they need these drinks for the contract. Its barley even doable, in fact our fleets been at it for a week and a half and have barly gotten half of whats needed, and the exchange is just getting more expensive. Im saying this, at first I thought PWE had it worked out perfectly and content was good, but now im seeing how their attempt at the CE market has constricted players down to the point of " o man I gotta do this again and MAYBE get ONE drop" or "Man I cant get enough EC in one day to buy just one FRACKING drink for a mission that FRACKING requires 250 of them.." Yea...DEVS PLZ FIX... or suffer the fate of cryptic ..
If you want to walk away because this mission frustrated you, you REALLY don't want to even think about some of the T4 and T5 missions that they have...

And the exchange is not a rip off. The exchange prices only rise when people actually buy the items at the listed price. Seriously, who's the idiot: The one listing a bottle of booze for 250k EC or the one BUYING IT?

And Tour is not gone. I just ran it not 2 days ago. Missed the most recent times though.