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08-25-2012, 08:43 AM
Originally Posted by eristhevorta View Post
Without the money, the game dies. Simply put.

~ Meowz
This is what people don't get.

They think Free To Play means everything is handed to them. Ships, uniforms, gear.

Apparently when a game goes F2P the server-upkeep bill, electric bill and employee wages go away... Free TO Play means "free server repairs", "free electricity for the servers and offices" and "all the workers (especially the writers) now work for free as well."

These premium items are what keep the game running, and what pay for the writing.

I've spent several grand on this game over two years. No regret.

Wish they'd write more story and lay off the grind mechanics for awhile... but hey overall I'm satisfied with what I've gotten.

That said, I'm just a TINY bit chuffed that I can't buy ZEN this week. Medical bills are more important than the game.