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08-25-2012, 08:30 AM
Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
I'm just saying they should fix the mess differently, by a huge increase of the price of the fleet doffs. I'm also saying that not to create more rage and anger about the game, they should enable people to use the fleet doffs in the projects in the starbase again, after the price increase. Yes it will still break the game economy for some time, but it shouldn't last more than a few weeks. That's just a guess though, but giving some sort of compensation would be a welcome proof of goodwill.
Yes I agree with you, the current fix abuses the player base. Contrarily, I disagree that the "self feeding" starbase machine needed fixing because it is unsustainable. The loss of resources is far too great and you only really carry it out a few steps before you have to go back in and earn dilithium, fleet marks, etc... the fully intended way. The fix was not needed because there were so many buffers in the system already. Fleet Projects are time gated, only 8k dil per toon per day can enter the system (9k if you have the vet reward), the costs of a Fleet Doff = 500 FMs = 500 dilithium and you only get 75 dil for a dismissed Fleet Doff (84% loss). With all those buffers in place, someone still made a knee-jerk decision that created the issue we have now which seriously impacts the community.

In addition, Fleet Credits still carry little value.