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08-25-2012, 09:01 AM
I appreciate the responses. I do know how to activate the EV suits. I've turned off the visuals so that I can actually tell if the suit is activated or not. In the instance of the armored suits, they will not activate.

I was not aware of the process for "tickets". Thanks so much for letting me know that. I won't make the same mistake again. This does not change the fact that the 7 armored environmental suits I currently have will not activate. This does not change whether I turn the visuals on or off. I've tried both. Yes, I've clicked on the "activate" button in the tray and the suits will simply not activate. I know this for 2 reasons: First, with visuals off if the suit were activated the suit will appear. Secondly, on the Nukara events as soon as I set foot in the "zones", I burn up each and every time. This does not happen with the pre-owned suit.

If anyone else has any suggestions and/or advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again to all.