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08-25-2012, 11:08 AM
For the meantime, though, just stay more than 8km away from the gates.
Please don't give such advice: "campers" often destroy the chance for the opt. as they simply don't deal enough damage if they sit at maximum distance (only worse is the "sitting on kang"-Camper in Cure, who starts fighting bops if they are already in range to shoot kang^^)


If you have a cruiser try this one:

- Tactical team1 (if your ship has 2 tac. Stations use it 2 times)

- eng. Commander and Lt Commander should both have Emergency Power to shields3 (Tier3 Skill) so that shield energy peaks OVER 100 if used (gives a damage reductiojn)
Aux. to structural integretiy3 (tier4) is a good hull heal/damage debuff every 15 seconds.

- 2-3 blue or purple Shield Distribution Officers as Doffs on active duty (gives you a good chance for shield buff when going on brace for impact)

-as said: MACO (or Klingon honour Guard) Shield, and Borg console/deflector/engine for 3 piece bonus.

- blue Mk XI Field Generator as sci. Consoles

The Trick is, that the ultimate line of defence is your shield. As long as your shield is strong, theres nothing to worry. If your shield is down, than the next hit will probably kill you.