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08-25-2012, 11:30 AM
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Well since I only ever listen to classical music my opinion is that since the Federation is an enlightened culture they would use the more poetic and humanitarian styles of music. I doubt that 25th century Earth is concerned about bitches, grills, bling, and pimping as a way of self expression. Also music forms like classical and Jazz are far more complex which makes sense for a society that teaches calculus to 10 year old children.

I do not wish to offend anybody who enjoys rap and rock; I'm just stating the most logical reason, well according to my logic anyway.
The kind of music plaguing the radio should die.

I like symphonic metal, which is complex and poetic and is far from the bitches and bling bullscheisse, classical feels empty without the rock elements and jazz is just...I find it unbearable.