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Looks really solid. Bridge Officer Powers and equipment will make all the difference now.
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doctortiki, Glad that we could help.

Now, which ship are you using now? (asking because I don't know if you have changed since the start of this thread.) Because next are BOFF powers, weapons, sets, and consoles
I sure have been leveling since my original post, and am now a 31 Captain in my new Tactical Escort!

I wasn't going to bother you with my configuration but since you mentioned it, I'd love to get your input in case I am doing something horribly wrong

While I do plan to start playing with Torpedos as I grow, for now I have been focusing my skills on the energy weapons and building the core of the skill build so they are neglected at the moment. (I really can't resist all the spray of cannon fire either haha)

Here is my current ship configuration (All MK8):

Fore Weapons: 4x Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons ( I was previously using Tetryon but they were too expensive in MK8)
Rear Weapons: 2x Phaser Turrets
Engineering Consoles: 1x EPS Flow Regulator, 1x Diburnium Hull Plating
Tactical Consoles: 3x Phaser Relay
Science Consoles: 2x Biofunction Monitor (Wasn't sure what else to put here)
Deflector: I am not really sure what to pick here, so I Just use the one with +Sensors and +Shield System

I have slightly tweaked my power levels for each configuration due to the power level bonuses, but my 'Balanced' config has Weapon power to full, Engines at 50(59), and Shield/Aux at 25(39).

Here are my current BOFFs:

Archer (Tactical): Tactical Team 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 1, Cannon Scatter Volley 2, Attack Pattern Omega 3
Rockit (Tactical): Tactical Team 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 1 (My goal was to change this to something like Torpedo High Yield 2 once I invest the Projectile skills but I currently have none; I was testing both of the Cannon abilities out for now as well not sure which levels of which to pick)
Dude (Engineer): Emergency Power To Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1 (Should I replace this with Auxiliary to Structural Integrity?)
Sprockit (Science): Science Team 1, Hazard Emitters 2

Also on the ground I have my Engineer and Science officers as dedicated Healers for Shields/Hp, and I bring my Security officers along for extra damage. I am currently using the Fire Team Kit for all the DPS buffs. Everyone is equipped with sniper rifles and I basically just mash all my DPS buffs and have them focus fire on my targets based on priority. It seems to work out well so far but perhaps I can make it more efficient?

Here are the ground abilities they currently use:

Tactical: Battle Strategies 1, Supressing Fire 1, Overwatch 1, Ambush 1
Engineer: Shield Recharge 1, Phaser Turret Fabrication 1, Shield Generator 2, Medical Generator 2
Science: Medical Tricorder 1 and 2, Vascular Regenerator 2, Nanite Health Monitor 1

As always thanks so much for your time and expertise. It has been a huge continuing help as I try to absorb all the information!