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08-25-2012, 11:12 AM
OK. I am really good at space, but ground is not a good area for me so I will just help with space.

Right now your build is great for 30-45. Once you get there everything changes. Because you now have access to better equipment and sets.

Weapons: they are fine, when you get to VA either all cannons or 3 cannons or 1 torpedo will work. I would just stick with all cannons because you can save the torpedo points.

Consoles: Tac is fine. Eng: needs some work. When you get higher get the ASSM. console and put it here or Sci. Then fill the rest of the Eng. spots with Neutorion armor consoles. These give resist to everything.
Sci. you will want to get Field Generators once you et to 40+. (You can't till then because they start at mk X.)

Skills: The Tac is good. But one personal thing, I would get a CRF 3 for your Comm. slot. This can be trained by yourself. And put APO in either the LT or LTC slot.

Eng. EP2S 1 is good, RSP should go. Aux2SIF is the best because of the heal. Now if you get a ship with a LTC slot then go EP2S 1, RSP 1, Aux2SIF.

Sci. HE 1, TSS 2.

Sets. Go with Borg once you hit 45. Can be obtained by doing STFs. Best would be either Borg with MACO shield or full Omega, but this is a player thing.

If you have any other question just ask.

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