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Well we told the devs that many people would be taken advantage of if the possibility to buy from fleet stores was retricted in any way. This is happening right now. Some paranoid flee tleaders asked for this, but the price in real money (fleet ships) or in dilithium is so high that the price is a limit itself. Hopefully this restriction feature will be removed for good from the game in a near future. It just stimulate players to create huge but useless bureaucratic features for the most honnest fleets, and to simply rob contributors for the others, and I have to admit that I don't enjoy that much playing USSR Online, where you have to beg to get what you worked/played for.
This is what I see has happened in many of the fleets that i have seen. Check out your own fleet and see how much provisions are still available. Why are you limiting something that is so abundant in supply? The high costs included with purchasing using these provisions is a limiting factor in itself (16k dilitihium for weapon? 4 fleet modules for a ship? pass!).

I am in a fleet where there are no limits, anyone can buy anything; it is not restricted at any level. We have way more provisions then we can use! There have been many people donating to progress the starbase but haven't used any provisions.

I see what are saying though, there really isn't an in game tutorial on what a starbase is about and what contributing really does. Most of us 'know' from experience but I didn't get this knowledge from inside the game.

As to a solution to your problem, maybe you really should change to a fleet that is more open. There are plenty of good fleets out there and your fleet credits move with you.

The real question is: why have provisioning at all? The only thing I can see is a money grab from the game. Need more provisions? Spend some dilithium. Want to use that provision? Spend some dilithium. Seems like a double dip to me! Scrap the provisions and just unify the cost; provisions just seem to add strife and arguments within a fleet. Someone convince me I'm wrong on this!