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Marauder Flight Deck Cruiser. Thing is bloated and bulbous and protrusions here and there and looks like it should belong to one of the evil-stupid races (Kazon or evil Pakled maybe) or something truly inhuman like the Shelliac. Extra sad since its predecessors, the Dacoit and particular the Corsair, have this sleek menacing style going for them, yet the General level FDC fails so badly.

The Marauder looks like a giant ornate bronze peanut. I can't imagine the thought process that lead to it's design ('y'know, you don't see many ships shaped like suppositories...'). Second prize KDF side definitely goes to the Karfi. Every time I see one I get the urge to pull up along side and order Egg Drop Soup and General Chang's Chicken.

The Fed ship that wins the Let's-Not-Try-Too-Hard award is the Yellowstone-class Runabout. What a blocky eyesore that is. It's like they did the prelims on an Etch-A-Sketch and just ran with it.
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