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08-25-2012, 01:58 PM
I see. Thanks for the responses guys. As my main's a tac officer working towards the Mk XI stuff, I think I shall focus on getting the Omega kit first (controversial as that seems), as I do prefer being a pure damage dealer, and I equip hypos and shield charges (or team booster pack thingys) to try and keep myself in the game. These days I do only die if I have been an idiot.

As a follow up question; should I not bother with the STF kit at all, in light of the shiny new Fleet Armour/Weapons/Shields that are Mk XII already and available for simple Fleet Credits and Dilithium?


Edit: I should say that my tac officer mainly uses the purple Mk X Fire Team kit, with a phased tetryon (Mk XI purple) purple, and a Mk XII AP sniper rifle.

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