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Originally Posted by commodoreshrvk View Post
I don't think you are seeing everything. Whether or not it was reverted, you would still NEED fleet marks, you would still need OTHER inputs, you would still NEED dilithium.

It is not a perpetual machine. You will continue to suffer an 84% loss in resources attempting to fuel your starbase solely by Fleet DOFFs any way you put it. It boils down to this - Fleet DOFF = 500 FCs = 500 dilithium, 10 Fleet marks, 4 Common Doffs, etc...

You get the following in return:
Old Code - 500 FCs ---> 1 Fleet DOFF ---> 75 dilithium or 150 FCs = 85% Loss of Dilithium or 70% loss of FCs

New Code - 2500 FCs ----> 5 Fleet DOFFs + 10 Dilithium ----> 1 Uncommon DOFF ----> 3 Common DOFFs -----> 450 FCs or 225 Dilithium = 91% loss of Dilithium or 82% loss of FCs.

This shows two things: 1) Yes I agree it did not fix the issue only slowed it down a little and created massive other issues, and 2) The "perpetual starbase Fleet DOFF machine" is an illusion, looking at the actual transfer rates shows clearly it is a net loss for each cycle.
This ^^^^

But you might as well stop talking sense. Diogene isn't interested in hearing it. He already told us on another thread he was railing against the fleet doffs because a.) he thought it was fun and b.) because it was bound to screw up his ability to doff farm the personnel officer and then take advantage of the crazily inflated Doff exchange prices.

Facts don't matter. It all boils down to self interest.

As your math shows, the net difference in resources lost between the two methods is almost identical. The real problem for people who argue that the Fleet Doffs were evil is that the they won't be able to sell common secuirty doffs for 500K on the exchange anymore.

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