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So within a few weeks I will have a T3 shipyard with over 100 ship provisions and I need only a few ships

So I was thinking there must be lots of people who could have modules + fleet credits(if they don't I can open up a 30 min provisioning project where they can dump dilth to gt the credits)

But they don't have access to a shipyard - so I will "rent" my shipyard to them to build their ship - all they would do would become a temp fleet member and deposit the EC into the fleet bank. All legit because it's in game currency for an in-game non-z-store item.

Now as any business would do it would take in the massive costs of getting to T3 shipyard into account when pricing how much EC to sell these ships for.

So what do you guys think would be a reasonable price since they contributed nothing to the Base - I would think for a T3 ship it should be a min of $30 million ec

of course the market will dictate the price.

This idea would be a HUGE boon for Cryptic/PWE because now many people will be buying ship modules with Zen which they would not have if they did not have access to a shipyard.

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