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08-25-2012, 03:44 PM
Originally Posted by eagledraco View Post
I agree - it does resemble a Pyramid Scheme. I decided to try fleets after S6 and just noticed it.

They want as many people as possible contributing so 'We can build up OUR Starbase'. But when it came down to the little people actually reaping their benefits from contributing - the fleet leaders had first pick. Huh?

Time to leave I guess.
This is pretty much what I expected to happen when I first heard about "provisioning."

That said, this is better than it could have been. They could have forced the fleet to decide which ships are buy-able AHEAD OF TIME. So instead of provisioning for 5 ships, they could end up provisioning 5 Fleet Defiants. Which means, of course, if you're #6 to the Defiant line, you may have a loooong wait, and if you want an obscure ship you may be out of luck period.

Not that I'm "for" the current provisioning scheme, mind you.