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# 1 Suggestion for new BOFF Power
08-25-2012, 02:46 PM
This is an idea to help losers like me that use mouse instead of hotkeys load up a series of BOFF abilities with a single click/hotkey This would be a commander level power that would allow three commander abilities of the BOFF to be applied simultaneously. The player sets up up the three abilities in a submenu. tactical officer only uses tactical of course, science, eng etc. For example, A tactical commander could use the power to load maybe canon rapid fire, emergency power to weps and attack pattern alpha with a single hot key or mouse click. recharge time would be equal to the longest recharge time of the three choices. A player could have three of these for each commander level BOFF. Of course only the officer posted at the commander station could use the power. Additionally there could be a captain level version for the captain to use with 4 powers in one click. other games use this concept to help "buff" their character quickly and since STO buffs are generally very short 5-20 seconds, this would be very useful for noobs and advanced players. I think noobs would benefit a bit more.