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Originally Posted by doctortiki View Post
Here is my current ship configuration (All MK8):
Your loadout is fine. The EPS console won't do much for you unless you're switching your power levels around a lot, but there's not much else that's worth putting in here aside from possibly an RCS console.

Once you hit 50, assuming that you're staying with an Escort, you'll probably want to use your Engineering slots for Armors and keep the science slots for your Universal Consoles (Assimilated Borg Console being the main one, but it's also very handy to have one of the Vent Theta Radiation ones which you can get from the Lockbox Reward packs via the Exchange)

Here are my current BOFFs:

Archer (Tactical): Tactical Team 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 1, Cannon Scatter Volley 2, Attack Pattern Omega 3
Rockit (Tactical): Tactical Team 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 1 (My goal was to change this to something like Torpedo High Yield 2 once I invest the Projectile skills but I currently have none; I was testing both of the Cannon abilities out for now as well not sure which levels of which to pick)
Dude (Engineer): Emergency Power To Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1 (Should I replace this with Auxiliary to Structural Integrity?)
Sprockit (Science): Science Team 1, Hazard Emitters 2
That's pretty much fine as well. For levelling up you don't need the most optimum setup, it's time to try out stuff to see what loadouts you feel most comfortable with.

One thing I would point out is that Tactical Team and Science Team share a cooldown, and "Transfer Shield Strength" is a handy shield heal that doesn't prevent you from using Tac Team. TSS1/HE2 or HE1/TSS2 are typically the norm, or you can drop APO and pickup Polarize Hull 1 for a Tractor Beam shed (taking PH1 and HE2).


At endgame; for shield healing the ideal would be to have two copies of EPTS and stagger them for constant uptime... but that's not feasible unless you're flying an Armitage or Patrol Escort, since you'll want a slot for either RSP (big spike shield heal - handy in PVP) or Aux2SIF (regular hull heal and resistance buff - handy for PVE). You can try using a Damage Control Engineer DOFF, but realistically 1xEPTS1 and 1xTSS2 is probably your best bet here, with HE1 and Aux2SIF1 for Hull healing.

Concerning the Tactical BOFFs... 2xTT1 is perfect. For the rest you have a little bit to play with - 1 Commander ability, 2x LtCom Abilities and 2x LT abilities. The best damage buff in endgame PVE is APB3 (it basically adds 50% to any hull damage inflicted to a target regardless of whether that damage is coming from yourself or your teammates), so that's your Commander ability sorted out. And you'll probably want to keep a copy of APO1 for shedding Tractor Beams if you're using HE1/TSS2 in your science slots... so that leaves 2xLT BOFF powers and a LtCom BOFF power. If you're going 4xDHCs then the way to go would be to take another copy of APB (probably APB1), and 2x CRFs - so you can keep both APB and CRF up constantly. Or if you're taking a Torpedo you could opt for spike AoE damage, with TS3 and CSV1/APB1. Or mix a little of both AoE and ST damage: CRF2, TS2, CSV1. (It's not worth going for CSV3 or CSV2: it doesn't add much damage over CSV1 unless you're only using Turrets... the point of the ability is to convert your Cannon Fire into an AoE rather than to boost your raw damage numbers)

Honestly, it depends entirely how you want to set your ship up. You could even swap APB3 out for CRF3 - giving yourself slightly better damage versus shielded targets, but not magnifying any of your teammates damage. You'll also find that on some of the endgame Escorts (like the Defiant) you'll have a spare Tactical Ensign slot, which can hold a HYT1 or TS1. (Personally I'm more fond of the ships with a spare Engineering Ensign slot for a 2nd copy of EPTS, but to each their own!!)

Also on the ground I have my Engineer and Science officers as dedicated Healers for Shields/Hp, and I bring my Security officers along for extra damage. I am currently using the Fire Team Kit for all the DPS buffs. Everyone is equipped with sniper rifles and I basically just mash all my DPS buffs and have them focus fire on my targets based on priority. It seems to work out well so far but perhaps I can make it more efficient?

Here are the ground abilities they currently use:

Tactical: Battle Strategies 1, Supressing Fire 1, Overwatch 1, Ambush 1
Engineer: Shield Recharge 1, Phaser Turret Fabrication 1, Shield Generator 2, Medical Generator 2
Science: Medical Tricorder 1 and 2, Vascular Regenerator 2, Nanite Health Monitor 1
There are lots of threads discussing BOFF ground power setups.
A lot of combinations can work.

Personally I'm quite fond of 1x Tactical Melee (Bat'leth + SweepingStrikes1 + Lunge1 + BattleStrategies3 + SmokeGrenade3) and 2x Engineers (Pulsewave + ShieldRecharge1 + WeaponsMalfunction2 + TurretFabrication2 + QuantumMortar2/SupportDrone1), with 1x Sci "Healer/Debuffer" (Pulsewave + MedicalTricorder1 + TachyonHarmonic2 + TricorderScan2 + NaniteHealthMonitor1)

Basic idea with the above example is that the Engineers lay down deployable turrets (which do almost as much damage as the BOFFs, especially with Armory Officer and Explosives Expert DOFFs) whilst the science officer drains shields and debuffs things. The Tac officer tends to attract bosses and bounce them up and down off the ground. And they can heal each other's shields or health whilst in combat. All of which leaves you free to lob grenades at the now-unshielded targets, or focus fire stuff. Pulsewaves are shorter range weapons with an AoE cone primary fire. There's a lot of chances for your BOFFs to cause Exposes, so it can help to bring something like a Split Beam Rifle along for exploits.

BOFF traits are probably the thing to watch the most for ground missions - a Purple BOFF with good relevant "advanced" traits can be many times more effective than a standard common BOFF with traits that contribute nothing towards that BOFF's use. (As an example: for a Melee Tac BOFF I'd look for traits that increase damage output, damage resistance and increase their resistance to knockbacks and stuns, e.g. a Tellarite with Sturdy, Pig Headed, Superior Resilient and Superior Aggressive would be ideal)

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