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08-25-2012, 05:26 PM
Hi and nice job hitting VA!

1. It really depends on if you want to use escorts, cruisers, or science ships. And if you want to spend real money to get the best ship of its class.

2. Equipment: Have you started doing STFs a lot? I know you have done some because you have the Borg pieces. That said, the best setup for a Sci. ships is 3-piece Brog with MACO shield. (Engines, ASSM. console, and Deflector.)

3. Consoles: Tac: energy weapon consoles to get the most DPS out of your weapons.
Eng: Nuetroim armor for all around resist. And the ASSM. Console should go here.
Sci: Field generators are the best Sci. Console.

4. Weapons: Whatever type you like, just stick with one type.

5. BOFFs: This really depends on the ship. But some basics. TT 1, HE 1, TSS 2, and EP2W 1 Are all great skills to have.

If you have any other questions just fire away!

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