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08-25-2012, 08:14 PM
Hi kiyoko4,

I would recommend chatting to a few sci captains to optimize your skill point build, you might have to respec, you can find a token on the zen store, if you are not gold or LTS, as they get 6 free respec tokens as you progress through your leveling. Look into re-skilling your bridge officers. If you can't train them in a skill you want. Ask around and see if someone will train it for you. Being in a fleet would help you more in this area.

As for STFs run a good few normals before starting elite, you will need a full set of XI borg weapons. A set of XI omega or maco XI would be handy but not really needed for space STF elite. You can use the standard borg set you can buy with 5 marks each. You will want to equip for protection against Plasma, anti-proton and kenetic. When running STF space. Let people know that you are new/under-experienced or lack DPS. It will help people know what to assign you to do in them.

Remember to keep filling out your Doff assignments to get the bonus. There's a few good guides on the forums explaining them in great detail.

I really would recommend joining a fleet, even if you like running solo. I am sure that a few fleets will let you join even if you don't run with them that often, plus the benefits of being in a fleet out weigh not being in one. Fleet gear is great items to have.

As for spending your current resources, I always say "hold onto it" It is better to wait and see what you really need, than make impulse purchases on stuff you later find out you don't need.