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Originally Posted by standupguy86 View Post
Thats not a viable solution. The Foundry just isnt appealing to the majority of players at this time.
Yeah. See, I think this (and a lot of Cryptic's approach) would work great with a toy franchise.

Ninja Turtles, Transformers (taken, currently, with both western and Chinese MMOs in development), G.I.Joe, Power Rangers, Looney Tunes... These are properties with a basic setup that supports broad scenarios. They're action focused. People are used to buying them piecemeal and creating sandbox stories with them from their childhood.

Trek is different. Trek has an element of that but a Trek sandbox is almost like a Dallas or a Twin Peaks action sandbox game. It's like a Law & Order Grand Theft Auto clone. To be Trek, the situations have to be detailed. The plots have to be reactive. This makes the development either handcrafted by necessity or with an in-depth, interpersonal roleplay stat system. Things don't happen in Trek because LOGIC demands it or as a natural consequence of ACTION but because the themes and issues, the character development and ideologies of the stories demand it.