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Originally Posted by dbxxx View Post
Esp if you put ya hand in ya pocket and get the Ning'tao class with Quad cannons.
Those quad cannons are awesome, once you get to lvl 50 and put em on a tier 5 ship they go off there heads, I ve got em on my Guramba and it just kicks ass both in pve and pvp.

Originally Posted by farmallm View Post
Packing a disruptor for range, and Bath'leth for hand to hand combat.
I always have to have a Bath'leth in my inventory or it just doesn't feel right.

Originally Posted by farmallm View Post
Its worth playing that is for sure. But only drawback is they are limited in several areas compared to Feds.
What area's are you talking about?, a Klingon can go any where a Fed can except into Fed actual systems same as a Fed can't go into Qo'No's but they can go anywhere in sector space.

You can't strait away but once you build up your doff ranks you shouldn't have a problem.