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# 1 Please advice (Borta tac)
08-25-2012, 11:33 PM
Hello Folks,
Please go easy on me cos Im still learning the ropes of this game.
I have the following setup on my Borta tac cruiser (Tac Klingon captain)

Front: 2x Borg AntiProton Beam Array, 1x Borg AP Turret & 1 Borg Quantum Torp
Back: 3X Mk XI Very rare AP Turret, 1x Mk XI AP Beam (all got from Dilithium store)
Full Jem'Hadar Engine, deflector and shield set
Consoles: Borta Tac (for the autocannon) and War console (for the BoP), 2X MkXI AP buff console, a couple hull plating consoles for defence, and one borg console and few other utility consoles.

I just started doing the STFs (Both std and elite) and so far I've been doing a lot better than I thought I would be. Until one helpful kdf player told me that my turrets would be better off as beams because in some fights I might be father than 5KM away.

I do realize my set is still dominion, but as mentioned before I just started the stf so it will be a while before I get a honor-guard set.

My question is, should I change my turrets to beams? I kinda love how I can go canon-rapid fire and see my turrets do full on . Will beams be better on the bortas?
Also is the borg set (the one u get for encrypted chips) better than the dominion set?

Appreciate any responses

Pathor (KDF)