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Originally Posted by ariseabove View Post
Mate I work like alot of people now I can easy spend $100- $200 at the pub in one night.

So for entertainment value STO is very cheap and I don't get a hangover the next day lol.
Thanks for mentioning that. Working in a pub, one can readily see what people will spend on fleeting pleasures. They're called vices for a reason. Me, games are my second biggest vice. I don't spend any measurable amount of money on cigarettes, booze, coffees, or even chocolate bars unless they're wholesale at a reasonable price.

Of course, as a Commerce major, my response is always to spend smarter.
Hence: My_Awesome_STO_Exchange_Spreadsheet.xls which you cannot has.

But I definitely am buying less dil than I did before season 6. Yet Dil is still the absolute best way to turn Zen into EC through Unreps. It will have to hit rock bottom for that to change. What makes me shake my head is seeing people STILL talk about buying close to 100 Lock box keys and getting upset they don't have anything worth keeping from it. Stop sooner. You're just making all the key flippers rich. And possibly enough Lobi for a Widow Fighter. Sigh.

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