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As already mentioned Bird of Prey's with their universal BO slots can be decked out with science officers, which is alot more fun then it seems. Alot of science abilities have a 90 degree view, so you can't hit the enemy with them if you aren't facing them, and with a Bird of Prey you have such a tight turning radius, the enemy is always in sight.

First time I tried a Bird of Prey, I hated it, gave it another shot as a science captain and it was a blast.

Also the Kar'Fi Carrier is a science ship... As is the Klingon carrier (Vo'Quv I think...)
Fyi, the Kar'Fi isn't a Sci ship despite its boff layout. It has 7 weapon slots not 6 and doesn't have sensor analysis nor free TSSx built in. Though, the OP may be interested in trying it out for PvE (while one of my toons has one not a fan of spam in PvP). It can fit cannons and the Ad Frigs are nice for adding dps via Trics. There's also the siphon drone shutdown option, but those require another zstore purchace.

Sci BoP, B'rel can be fun to fly. They can fit a variety of weapon types as well as mix match boffs. They're also fast ships. Though KDF raiders/escorts are weaker than Fed options now for higher end PvP play. The fleet cruisers are nice though don't fit so well w/Sci Captains generally speaking.

Also, the Brel Retro and KarFi are available to as a reward for being a vet on a per character basis, not sure on the days required though.