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08-26-2012, 12:39 AM
Be nice if they can go over the EULA once again and fine tune with examples of Do's and Do nots.

From what I understand of past discussion over the Foundry EULA:
  • You cannot show canonical characters.
  • You can "talk" to canonical characters (view screen off, talking via communicators).
  • I'm iffy with canonical starships. At one time we were told all canonical ships are off limits, but in the last couple of months I heard it was okay to put them in. (So not sure what the real legalities are).
(I'm particulary interested given that I'm doing the Foundry misson of the Kor's Klacht D'Kel Brakt mission. So far reference Kor, and sort of put in Klothos in, but not 100% sure. But others put the Enterprises in their missions so I'm not 100% sure with ships).

So with Picard, Lev..........I wouldn't chance it.

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