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08-26-2012, 02:37 AM
Getting the captains Golden Rules

1 No one should leave the start room until EVERYONE is on their feet and at full power.
the Timer does not start until someone (pc or Npc) crosses the doorway

2 Do not under any circumstances pop drones or escorts before you reach the centre
Also do not fortress the start area
EITHER error will lead to guards (and possibly the captain ) wandering off to attack them and thus slowing your kill count

3 on arrival in the ffz take down all guards quickly and effectively do not mess about with holds, skev (skill effect visuals) or fancy melee

4 Guards spawn in ALL quadrants be sure to patrol all of them

5 when option to lower forcefield comes up deploy mines bombs etc before it drops if you can
Dropping the forcefield is a good role for the lowest ranked player present (or a particularly lame VA)

6 Target the character immediately behind the forcefield console thats the captain

7 at this point skev as much as you like , pop as many drones as you like it won't matter

8 specific to Orion female only FEMALES , Saurians , Andorians , Gorn and other creatures immune to seduce should close engage .
Anyone else effected by the chemicals will fire on comrades

Specific to Borg Captain do not close engage at all EVER

Specific to Klingon captains circle straif works poorly on this captain