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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
Why is it so hard for you to grasp that there are people who are willing to pay for that 10% bonus in STO just like they are at Target, Jewel, Ford, Wal-mart, and everywhere else we buy things?

The answer is obvious as it is the main problem with the f2p model. If you're not one of the big spenders you fall behind. Simple as that. All f2p games like to say how they're not like that but in fact most are. Eventually people realize that and decide to either become big spenders, to always be behind, or simply be a churn player and leave for whatever else catches their fancy.

The problem is STO not only had a pre-existing playerbase, its players are usually also trek fans, so even if they want to leave they feel doubly trapped. They feel trapped because they've already invested of themselves in the game and they love the IP. In all honesty everyone should've approached F2P STO as a new game and decided if they liked the model (and the trends it would inevitably follow) instead of thinking it'd still be the same game... but how could anyone do that? They had roots in the game and they loved the IP.

As far as money mattering as it does in RL.... you need to realize that games are mostly about escapism. Even if they can't afford a nice car, fancy clothes or a big house they can escape to a place where they CAN get a shiny starship and live adventures... except now RL is intruding into their escapism... and again their limited funds just can't keep up with those with more disposable income. The game isn't about providing a fun place for everyone anymore, but rather about catering to the few large spenders. Its a mess really, they clearly aim everything at a certain type of customer but need to at least give lip service to content for everyone else... except SBs really shine a light on how non content they are.

Its simple business sense, but it also causes resentment when its rubbed too hard on player's faces.

Edit: I have a LTS but I do see both sides of it. I can even understand WHY the SBs are such money grabs, everyone remember the comment made by Stahl (I think it was him)? That everything they do has to have a demonstrable profit? What we're experiencing is the result of that design rule

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