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08-26-2012, 04:12 AM
Mask energy isnt all that useless if you are willing to use it in a wierd way.. ^^

Having MES III on a science ship was my way of 'decloaking' in ker'ret near a BoP to feed him lots of sci-heavy carnage.

To get this effect you have to have multiplie sci boffs ^^, have aux pretty high, and change your MESIII boff for a more aggresive boff when you are ready :p

Surprise with a target engine/shield, tyken rift, tractor beam, (subnuke if necessary) and photon shockwave them ^^ (but then again now since PSIII got neutered... meh)

Of course this is best used on inexperianced KDF players, but still fun to play with

edit: forgot to add my personal 'pointless skill'

Draw Fire
'I am a smooshy tactical captain, target me please!' ah.. i died, how unexpected :p

Dispersal Alpha
(fairly sure dispersal pattern alpha is a bit of a flop compared to beta, ill have to go with that)
That or abandon ship,

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