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The thing is, the Dominion set is kinda tailor-made for Polaron weaponry (the Set 2 bonus boosts their weapons actually). In fact, only the Jem'Hadar Bug and the Galor get the Victory is Life boost (chance to remove buffs when using Polaron weaponry).

So, with you using Antiproton, you're not getting the full benefit from it. I'm not saying you should get rid of the pieces, but you should carefully consider things.

Now the Borg set... It's easy to get, and it's benefits are quite good (execpt for the 4-piece bonus, the tractor beam):

The Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer gives you an automatic bonus to your Hull Repair skill, boosts your hull regeneration in&out of combat, and everytime you take damage, there's a chance you'll get an automatic hull heal (up to 30% over 10 secs) that also reduces incoming damage.

The Multi-Regenerative Shield Array moniters your damage to shields. Whenever a shield facing falls below 20%, there's a 10% chance per attack that this will kick in, healing your shields over 10 secs (like an automatic Transfer Shield Strength). It also clears any Hazard Debuffs when it kicks in, such as the Borg Shield Drain.

Now, since you can get these bonuses with only 3 pieces (the console, the deflector and engine; the latter of which also gives Sector Space bonus speed), that leaves you free for a shield, possibly the Honor Guard

But you may be wondering, is the Borg Set better than the Honor Guard you're planning to get?

The HG engines are certainly better, giving you boosts in Weapons, Shields and Auxilary power. But the trade-off is the Sector Space speed bonus from the Borg engines. The deflector is kinda mixed: both give good benefits, but the Honor Guard's is more widespread (plus the Borg bonuses is mostly to help improve resistances to powers). The HG shield is clearly better, with a higher capacity, the potential accuracy reduction on your enemy, and higher plasma resist.

All that remains is the set bonuses: The Tactical Readiness boosts Torpedo damage, gives you a boost in Aux power, and provides resistance to crew damage. The Mask Energy Field is essentially an AoE Cloak ability, but it only affects friends when they're within 3-5 KM.

So really, both sets are quite good, though each in different ways. It depends on your build, your purpose in the STF's (tank, DPS, etc), and what will best suit that.

And about your weaponry, I'm not sure on the DPS aspects of Beams over Turrets, but at the very least, I'd switch that rear BA with the forward Turret (you'll get better use over both that way).
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