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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
Well actually there is a real battlecruiser, and it's called the fleet Vor'cha.

Maybe a few more ships are needed but currently every single interesting possibility exists for the KDF side. There are huge slow tanks, more escorts than the feds have, something similar to the Jemmie bug (the Qin raptor), some BoPs, two carriers and a science vessel (one and the feds have one only too, so it's a problem related to the priorities the management choose).

Of course, some new designs would be cool but they are no "missing" ships in the shipyard. Let's admit it, we just want new skins, not new ships.

What about a Ferasan one?
You're joking if you consider the Bird of Prey class to be 'escorts'. Federation escorts out-tank and out-DPS the Hegh'ta and the B'rel, only the Fleet Hoh'sus can come close to competing. There's a reason BoPs have to fight in pairs or in groups.