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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
Its funny I explained the starbase thing - in simple terms to a mildly retarded person(IQ in the 80's) who I work with at a volunteer job

After explaining that a lot of people are spending tons of money for ships that are only 10% better than current ships(or a tiny bit as explained) and tons of time as well - and that for 90%(most) of these people the ships will make no real difference in their ability to fight in PvE(or the bad guys) and that within 6 months there will be ships coming out better than those that they could get without all the work(via the Zen Store) and they could get several of these new ships with the money they spent for the price of 1 starbase ship

His response "are they stupid?"

My response - "some are, some are bored and have nothing better to do(apparently I am one of those - athought I have the monthly sub from the sale - I would not spend another dime buying dilth) and then there could be lots who are being bullied into contributing dilth(the pink/purple rocks) in their fleets"
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Ask anyone who sets up a ship correctly, a 10% advantage over anyone else can go along way in pvp. Hense why some people say the jem'harda ship or other zen ships is over powered. That's the reason I fly with a galor, recluse and trying to get hold of a Jem'harda.

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