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# 17 SCI Tank Guide
08-26-2012, 07:54 AM
Flashlight is not need save room for an extra pet or hypos.

Phase 2

Run past the guards.
Don't shoot anything to draw agro.
Only shoot the saboteurs
SCI should have a medic kit.
Fleet Pulsewave

Sabo 1

Go top right run past all, don't shoot, shoot sabo and heal.
While shooting Sabo keep back to right side crate

Sabo 2
run past all to south to bottom right.
When you get to Sabo area pop a pet, I prefer the shard.
Move to right flank of Sabo keep front of toon pointed towards the room.
Shoot Sabo use all heals and boast.

Sabo 3

Run to bottom left
I like run left at the end of the hall right before the wall to get out of the flank attacks.
Run to Sabo dont shoot anyone
In the Sabo area pop of a neural buff
I like to get with my back to the crates here shoot Sabo.
Use heals and boast as needed

Sabo 4
Run top right past all the guards
Last group of guard before the Sabo I like to pop my second pet.
Duck into the cubby hole to the right of the Sabo
Face out shoot and use heals.