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# 1 Tailor bug 26/08/2012
08-26-2012, 07:04 AM
I've been having problems with the character costume tailors for a few weeks now. Every time I go in to alter a costume it basically randomizes my character. Literally everything is changed appearance wise.

I enter the tailor screen and pick a costume to edit. For example the MACO slot. I enter the maco slot but instead of having the maco tab selected it will have something else like "uniform" of "off duty" selected and the out fit changed. If I select the proper tab it goes in to that tab but with everything changed.

This is incredibly annoying because if I want to change just 1 thing with my appearance I have to reset every option and then change the things I wanted to change.

Also, my breen BOFF is now editable for some reason and it's pretty screwy at best. My other Boffs are fine though.
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