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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
*Note, this is intended for entertainment and tongue-in-cheek feedback purposes only.

Fleet Duty Officers
We have decided that not allowing these to be used on fleet projects was a mistake. Sadly it would take far too many resources to both allow them to be used and to prevent people from discharging them for the dilithium. And even though a player can gain dilithium much faster via other methods we still don't like them using the fleet doffs for this purpose.
  • Price of White Fleet Duty Officers increased to 1,000 fleet credits.
  • Fleet Duty Officers may now be used in fleet projects again
  • Used saved programmer time to fix a bug that has been in the game since launch
  • When specific Fleet Duty Officer categories are unlocked there is now a store similar to the one on SFA where you can buy the exact type desired for 5,000 fleet credits and 10,000 energy credits for Whites.

Earning Fleet Marks
While we have added several new re-playable group missions and a new ground invasion zone along with a daily mission at your starbase and they all reward Fleet Marks based on the feedback we have received players are growing bored repeating the same new content over and over for Fleet Marks. Instead everyone wants to repeat the same content they have been playing for years to earn them and we understand!
  • Investigate Officer Reports now offers 50 fleet marks as a reward option
  • At DS9 Fleet store you may exchange 10 EDC for 25 fleet marks
  • PvP Missions now also offer a fleet mark reward option

This should also slow down the amount of dilithium earned each day, everyone wins!

Fleet Project Mark & Doff Costs
It is now obvious to us that the rapid increase in the number of marks needed for higher tier projects combined with needing to run the projects more times is too much. So we are lowering both the mark and doff costs.
  • Base Marks needed will now be 180/300/400/450/500
  • Doff requirements have been reduced by a similar amount

Fleet Provisioning
After much feedback and data mining we have determined that large fleets are being penalized too severely with the current provisioning system. To remedy this we have introduced several new provision projects that grant a higher amount for an increased cost. This is an example and there are several more.

Provision Personal Engineering Materials I (requires Industrial Fabricator I, fleet size 50+)
Reward: 1000 Starbase Engineering XP, 20 Personal Requision Provisioning, 10 Buff, 10 Operational Assets
Requires: 600 marks, 60 Engineering or Operations Doffs, 60k Dilithium, 600 Industrial Energy Cells, 150 Self Sealing Stem Bolts

Provision Tons of Personal Engineering Materials I (requires Industrial Fabricator I, fleet size 100+)
Reward: 1000 Starbase Engineering XP, 40 Personal Requision Provisioning, 20 Buff, 20 Operational Assets
Requires: 1,200 marks, 120 Engineering or Operations Doffs, 120k Dilithium, 1,200 Industrial Energy Cells, 300 Self Sealing Stem Bolts

We know we broke it
This patch will soon be on tribble for your testing. We know of the new bug we introduced. It will go live to holodeck with this bug. Don't worry though we have already identified and squashed it internally and it will be fixed with the next patch. Maybe.
LOL nice work, would like to see that too!

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