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Originally Posted by wikkedjr View Post
Good grief Defalus! Is that done through the game or a keyboard macro setup?
It's done in the game itself, you can type into chat:

/bind spacebar "GenSendMessage HUD_Root FirePhasers $$ +power_exec Distribute_Shields"

That makes the spacebar fire all energy weapons and distribute your shields at the same time.

For keybinds too long to type into chat you can creat a text file in your star trek online/live folder which you can load from in game to have a keybind like:

Space "+Power_Exec Distribute_Shields $$ GenSendMessage HUD_Root FirePhasers $$ +TrayExecByTray 3 9 $$ +TrayExecByTray 3 8 $$ +TrayExecByTray 3 7 $$ +TrayExecByTray 3 6 $$ +TrayExecByTray 3 5 $$ +TrayExecByTray 3 4 $$ +TrayExecByTray 3 3 $$ +TrayExecByTray 3 2 $$ +TrayExecByTray 3 1 $$ +TrayExecByTray 3 0"

That's an extreme example that would make every power in the 4th row of your tray bound to spacebar.

And it's all supported by the game itself, no fancy keyboards needed.
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