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08-26-2012, 10:36 AM
Nice guide. As a Tac Captain it is easy enough to solo the second phase by cloaking. Engineers can do very well with mortars and turrets, especially during the first phase.Engineers can solo all 4 in phase 2 with mines and bombs, though it is much harder.

Anyone else have a problem with the sabateurs not counting past 39? Twice I have reached 43 only to have it reduce to 39 at the end.

As a fleet, we just clear all enemies on phase 2. A coordinated team can do that pretty easily, they do not respawn. An engineer can also fortify the start point and hold off the enemies while the team kills the four guys.

I have used mines to set a trap for the second phase. It did not go past 3/4 and I thought we lost the bonus, however at the end report it showed 4/4. I don't know if we got full credit though, so I never do that anymore.

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