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08-26-2012, 11:38 AM
ok this change is pretty pointless

y remove the sb duffs from being use on sb building it bad enough trying to find 30 for tier 2 now my fleet on tier3 we need 60 and getting duffs from sta it takes anything from 24 to 48 hours reset and u only get a few and most or the time it not the ones u want

im quessing but tier 4 going to be around 120 ?? bs just put it back but leave it so if u trash them u get zip for them or it pointless having that dude on the sb anyways

and yes the exchange has become a mine field trying to get the ones u need if u do have the ec for them u can end up paying stupid amounts of ec for unuseable duffs

also it bad enough with the 4 day time out on tier 2 upgrades and now u make it almost imposs to get enough duffs now but make it easyer to get fleet marks ???? ok which plank desided this ????

now if u going to leave it at this then u need to lower the amount of duffs needed small fleets are now pretty muched stoped sb building and mid to large fleets are on a go slow just trying to get the duffs needed
and there no point having sb duffs so u might as well remove them off the sb unless u are going to put it back to how it was befor the stupid patche