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08-26-2012, 11:43 AM
As a Autistic Person which is Considered by some a retardation, I fully Understand the Benefit of 10% OVER someone with 10% less. It in the end comes down to numbers. These Stats in the game Give you a significant Boost over someone. If we have the same ship, But mine is 10% boosted then yours and we open fire at the same time, hit the skills at the same time, you are still going to blow up before I do, because I am doing 10% better. If we each worked as hard as each other but I received 10% more then you, I am Still doing better. 10% Can become a large number depending on which way the scales of Fate swing. I do not Drinking, I do not smoke, I bust my ass for my Family to support them. Keep a roof over there head. In the end How people either take there Finances and purchase a fancier Car, blu-ray player, Console, Hardware for a Clone (that would be a Personal computer to the less intelligent you speak down to) it is up to us how we spend our money to keep ourselves happy. I have a Life Time membership as you can tell with the tag I have. I burn money into this game just like I burn money onto my family. I am sure if we looked at what you spend you money on compared to what we spend it on we would ALL have a difference of opinion on foolish spending. Personally you will not see me waste money on Alcohol or Sports games. Some people where I used to live drop near 5$ a gallon for Gas just to take there vehicle a mile down the road, As well as spend 12$ on a pack of Marlboro Cigarettes. Some Blow it on illicit Drugs. It is these things that make us all different and all unique. It is also these different things that Make us happy. If I feel like dropping $300 into Digital Game, Vs dropping $300 for a lapdance or a night at the bar, it is what makes each of us happy. In the end, We all try to remain happy and should not have to be questioned Why we do things to make us happy. It is the simple factor of "It makes us happy". I do not understand why you do not Drop Money into a game you play, it shows support for the game you enjoy and helps Keep the company running to continue playing the game. Afterall if no one pushes money into the company none in the company would be able to feed there families nor would they want to keep pushing countless hours into Developing a program for you to enjoy at a rate that does not support There own habbits. Be happy for us, For you in the end enjoy what we spend so you do not have to.
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