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08-26-2012, 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by sl1ckm1ster View Post
As I said:

While it is true that they do not enforce their own policy, they have never made any statement retracting it.
I don't even know that it's true that they don't enforce it. Since the stakes on the Foundry Daily have gone from "some stuff you could have gotten off the Exchange for pocket change" to "a fair chunk of Dilithium", it could be that fewer people are reporting missions.

A lot of Cryptic's community interaction has gotten reactive instead of proactive due to staffing; this is self-evident in the fact they changed their minds on community forum moderators.

If the state of affairs is "they stopped enforcing the policy on missions whose only exploit is time", we'll probably never hear it, because they'd not want to open the floodgates or cause themselves a problem with enforcement in the cases they DO enforce. I don't spend much time in the Foundry Discussion forum; how's the traffic lately from angry people who lost their Foundry access due to exploits? They used to be infrequent, but present.