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08-26-2012, 01:10 PM
The Veteran BOFFs were a consolation gift during the conversion of multiple in-game currencies to Dilithium back in December. Players whose accrued Marks, Badges, and Emblems would convert to a large enough sum of dilithium had their returns diminished to prevent insane amounts of dilithium from immediately inflating the economy.

These players were rewarded with a Veteran BOFF and five recipts for free holiday gift boxes during the winter event. I do believe we have Borticus to thank for going to bat for the players who would be affected by the "dilithium tax".

The EP at the time (Steve D'Angelo), made mention that the Veteran BOFFs would eventually find their way into the C-Store, but haven't shown up since. They remain a unique BOFF for those players who recieved the requisitions for them.