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08-26-2012, 12:53 PM
Not a cogent excuse. At most a few KB per doff, a few MB per account, a few TB for all of STO.

The STO dev team is conspicuously extremely poor at database design (e.g., their inability to get the XC or stat tooltips to work properly) and it is more likely they simply do not have the competence to design such a system and make it work reliably.

That said, we can reasonably speculate that in order to keep sprawl and bugs to a minimum, such a system, were it implemented, would have to be activated on individual doffs at player discretion, and doing so would bind the doff to character and make it ungrindable. I doubt it would be technically feasible to have such a system be always-on and update records in concert with the XC and doffgrinder in realtime, especially given the other persistence variables those systems bring into play.

Would be cool, don't see it happening, especially since there's no $$$ in it.

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