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Oooh! Oooh! I wanna volunteer! My Fed Science toon just got promoted to LT Cmdr. Completely by accident, I assure you. If I go buy an Escort, will you help me pick out the right weapons so I get that "for real" Failboat effect? Just whistle and I promise I'll come runnin'! I also promise to excel at mediocrity for ya! Nobody is better at being just below average than I am. Nobody. USS Torp Magnet NCC-9101101101, reporting for duty, Sir! Giving FanBoys apoplexy is something I wanna devote the rest of my life too. Can I help? Puh-Leeese? Don't make me set my phasers on 'Bambi Eyes'! You know I'll do it if I have too. roflmao!

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