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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
No one said both factions had to be identical. Battle cloak is a huge advantage over most fed ships. That's why I'm opposed to more and different KDF ships. New skins, ok, but a tactical carrier? Then the feds will ask for BoPs, and they will be legitimate.
There's a difference between making them identical, as opposed to competitive. As far as I can tell right now, it's very difficult for a BoP to defeat a Fed escort, assuming both players are of equal skill. Granted, 1v1 isn't the natural state of PVP. . .but when it takes 2 skilled BoPs to take down a skilled fed escort player, something's gone wrong. And don't say 'use the Raptor', because skilled escort players can make mincemeat out of the Raptor due to the flawed turning mechanics.

The only way a lone BoP pilot can take an enemy out 'quickly' is either using ambush tactics (which can backfire more than you might realize) or if the Fed player is incompetent and doesn't have Tac Team or RSP ready to go up for just those kinds of situations. Meanwhile, a Fed escort can rip through my Hegh'ta shields like they're paper unless I've got RSP up, and can tank my shots even when he doesn't have RSP or Tac Team up.

This is something of a pet peeve of mine. . .I give it a fair amount of thought. I don't mind a challenge, but the situation is bordering on ridiculous. It's why I'm getting a Fleet Hoh'sus eventually, because the Hegh'ta probably wont be able to compete once all those Fed fleet escorts start circulating.