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08-26-2012, 02:00 PM
and once again, something I said in haste and frustration comes back to bite me in the ass, proving that no matter how much cultural detergent I use, I will always be a redneck.

Seriously, now, doing that is called "Griefing" and it's every bit as rude and douchey as being a whiny elitist snob throwing tantrums.


The core point still stands- The "Fleet Triple" of Starbase Incursion, Fleet Alert, and Starbase Defense were obviously and visibly structured intentionally to cause mixing between new players, returning players, old hands, and high end players. If you play out Incursion enough (either Klingon, or Feddie) you already KNOW where the Sabos are going to spawn (within a few meters), about when, etc. based on which race they are. Likewise, enough goes at the two space events, and you'll have a fair idea of the "Tactics" (and I use that word loosely) of the AI-driven opposition, their capabilities, and about where the boss is going to spawn from.

The only REAL variable, is what your team is going to do-and that's the variable that takes it from being a low-buck, low-effort one-shot module into something challenging.

Which it is SUPPOSED to be-not just a predictable grind like Nukara's outdoors portion or the initial levels of the city on Defera, but a challenge. (note that the Defera missions payout is pretty low folks. Hours of work for about six FM if you're soloing. That's on account of it being predictable if it's not your very first go down there.)

15+ FM for fifteen minutes of time? not bad, compared to the endless grind of the two VA ONLY sites where you don't have to PUG because you can solo it through all the Green, most of the Purples, and some of the Yellows (admittedly for less).

There is NO reasonable expectation of maximum payout, but most of the failures I've seen come from people expecting to have it all their own way, all the time, and who tantrum when they don't get it.