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The mission below was my second mission, and part 2 of the previous mission. It too has been out for a while but needed some updating. I went back in and adjusted several elements in the story based on feedback and my in depth review of the mission.

Mission Title: Betrayal of the Empire (Part 2)
Author: Evil70th
Project ID: ST-HFBGX74XY
Allegiance: Klingon
Level: 16+
Description: In part one you heard from your old friend Worf who asked you to help uncover a possible threat to the Empire that may involve a high ranking member of the High Council. Now that mission continues. Will you help uncover the threat to the Empire?

Authors Notes: This mission is part two of two. You should play part one first to enjoy the story more.

Estimated time:
About 30 minutes with full dialogue and combat.
About 15 minutes with use of "Skip Dialogue" feature and combat.

With this update I believe all my missions that are currently available are now up to date. I hope you enjoy this mission and I look forward to your comments.
If you would like a detailed review of your mission please visit my forum posting "In depth mission reports upon request" for details. Also see Evil 70th's list of missions at "Evil 70th's Missions".