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08-26-2012, 04:22 PM
The gimmick with the VISOR is because I thought about what kind of treatments he's taking for his Irumodic syndrome.

There's no known treatment as of All Good Things but my idea is that he undergoes metaphasic radiation treatments which are supplied by the Ba'ku (and Anij in particular) out of gratitude for his role in saving the Ba'ku in Insurrection. This slows the degradation of his mind but borrowing from the episode Time Squared (where we had a Picard from six hours in the future), the intense dose of time altering metaphasic radiation throws his neural engrams temporally out of sync, resulting in him suffering from motor and sensory difficulties whenever he gets a treatment. Hence the VISOR, which I'm saying he has to wear for a couple of days after each treatment.

That and the beard help mask the likeness but I think the Treknobabble reason is sound enough that you don't THINK about how much I'm masking the likeness.