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Ask anyone who sets up a ship correctly, a 10% advantage over anyone else can go along way in pvp. Hense why some people say the jem'harda ship or other zen ships is over powered. That's the reason I fly with a galor, recluse and trying to get hold of a Jem'harda.
2 things - "special needs" is a PC catch-all term which is not specific - according to the the IQ test (while dated) it is accurate to call someone with an IQ in the 80's "mildly retarded" - the word "retarded" comes from the latin as most do - to mean held back - slowed - not up to pace with the rest - deficient when compared to the rest - ie - retarded

Go take a look in any medical book on the planet - start with the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) - you will not find the term "special needs"

It is still a term used by all psychiatrists and doctors to descride these types of people - it does not, however, say anything negative about the "type" of individual they are - and in his case a very good one. The point I am making about him is that while he is not mentally as fast as most people, he is able to conceptualize things still that are not by others - ie dumping money into a starbase - or as others have mentioned - alcohol, cigarettes, lap dances, etc etc

The second part when taking about the 10% advantage most of you posters have missed completely - 90% of the players of the game who are investing large amounts of time and money DO NOT use their ships for PvP and will see no real advantage in PvE - that is the whole point I am making - they are being led to believe they are much better but for the purposes that they will be used(in most cases) - they are not - but such is the capitalist consumption world we live in.

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