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Originally Posted by lonnehart View Post
I beg to differ. Just use it right before your target's shields go down. With any luck the beam will impact the hull.

That mask energy signature thing (also called the "poor man's cloak") is almost useless to me. About the only time it worked for me was in that one mission where I had to scan a mineral amidst a lot of enemies. Got the scan done as it went down and got blown up soon afterwards...
I'm the same way. i have BO2 and I use it as an opening move. I can chew through a lot of shielding with it.

And I love my Photonic fleet, even if it is just in the "OH!!! DISTRACTION!" sense I tend to save it up until I get to 50% health, then I throw down my Fleet support, Photonic Fleet, and then I high tail it out of there. Distracts some players, they have to play shell game with the ships, and it scares the crap out of noobs in kerrat