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Originally Posted by runtimeerrorboy View Post
Long time player, since free-to-play, but first time forum post.

So, I was standing around my fleet's Starbase, in my usual spot on top of a light posts in Ops. Acting quirky as usual, I activated "Triolic Pattern Enhancer", "Tactical Initiative III", and then "Steal Module III" before going AFK.

All setup to briefly go AFK, I proceeded to finish an episode of Star Trek:TNG on Netflix, and by the time I returned this had happened.

[Combat (Self)] an unknown entity deals 552 (465) Physical Damage to you with Lunge I.

My character was dead! My personal hypothesis is that ninjas attacked. Most likely Jem'hedar or Suliban, but if anyone has a different hypothesis, please feel free to share.
Triolic pattern enhancer has a small chance to spawn an enemy. Was pretty funny when the dividian arc first came out and people were like "whoa, used the pattern enhancers and a old-school klingon spawned. wtf?!"