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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
I'm running a Hegh'ta as well, and it's kind of occurred to me that trying to go head-to-head with a FedScort of equal tier is a tough run...but I think it's doable (at least, based on running Kerrat a bit-I usually end up drawing ALL the Feddies on me when going after one FedScort, gives my pug-buddies a break and some opportunities...)

But you can't match them one-for-one in firepower, shielding, or hull. and really, who wants identical ships? (Okay, maybe I'm just a weirdo...)

I DO think we need some better/additional options-but GENUINELY better. Maybe a BoP with the mechanical stats close to a Hegh'ta, but an additional BOFF position (either another Commander spot, or a new Ensign position on the roster), or an additional Item slot-different, but a capability that nothing 'comparable' can really match on the other side.

The Federation, based on the Shows, has always leaned heavily on bigger ships with better (or at least, more refined) technologies, while the Klingons have generally been portrayed as better at FIGHTING, usually with designs of lesser quality, or designs that aren't "as efficient" (read: Optimized), and generally lighter designs as well.

IOW, to really offset the variety advantage and general buffiness of the Feds, the suggestion I'd make, is to show the Klingons as having a better hand at using what they have-i.e. more BOFF positions at the top tiers than Federation units get, to make better use of the personnel and equipment they already have.

Nice part being, you don't have to alter the visuals much, saving on graphic programming, but you gain a distinct difference in flavour without debalancing the factions, AND it's a draw for the powergamers that are necessary for a F2P financial/economic model.
Nah, the Feddies would 'nicely' whine and complain about the 'unfair advantage', and it would never be done. . .not without said ship sacrificing something. I'm impressed that we even got the Fleet Hoh'sus, which is a noticeable improvement over the Hegh'ta. . .but I don't think they'd let us have a Boff # advantage, not without treating the ship like they did the Ning'tao, by stripping it of hull and shields.