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Originally Posted by ziploc332 View Post
Wrong! Dead wrong! Beyond ridiculously wrong!

The only way to improve properly is read a guide, prepare your gear (Most stuff isn't that expensive, no need to blow the bank) and for the love of Picard STAY BEHIND THE GROUP.

In space, stick with the majority, the Elite players WILL catch on and WILL adjust accordingly by sending someone else to handle more technical stuff. On the ground, stay in the back of the group and don't forget a remodulator.

Do this, and you'll start getting people to explain the 10% rule, or the 6KM radius, or even the assimilation triggers.

Don't do this by running ahead, nuking the transformers, forgetting the probes, or not packing a remodulator, and you'll end up like every other noob out there.
What about if I only play with people the same level as myself? After we've read the guides? Or are you going to tell me at this point I am touching the keyboard incorrectly? Probably so. Always seems to be something we're doing wrong and most of the Leet Doods are as rude as possible about informing us lowbies. Even good advice is couched in terms they'd never dare say to my face. And then they get mad when we hate back.